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Emotional and social support for Westchester, Rockland or Fairfield County residents
who are impacted by cancer online

At Gilda's Club Westchester, our mission is to provide free support, and to educate and empower cancer patients and their families so that no one has to face cancer alone. Our members are in the constant creation of new connections, new self-understanding and newfound hope. GCW believes in the potential for mutual healing when people come together, isolation is reduced, dignity is affirmed, and experiences are shared.

Nationally and globally there is urgent call to action to protect, cherish, and value Black lives and to examine and reimagine systems and institutions on every level. GCW commits to anti-racist education and work within ourselves, our clubhouse and our community. We care deeply about these issues and to the ongoing creation of new relationships, new ideas, and social and emotional wellness for all. Your voices are welcome in this process.

Due to COVID-19, Gilda's Club Westchester has modified its programs so that members can still access support.

Anyone affected by cancer is welcome to join Gilda’s Club Westchester and receive free support. Please call us at 914-644-8844 and leave a message indicating you are interested in becoming a member. One of our staff members will return your call and schedule a ‘virtual’ meeting with one of our clinical staff members.
Currently all of Gilda’s Club Westchester groups are being offered either by telephone or through videoconferencing. If you are a new or existing Gilda’s Club member, please email Debbie . Please note that we will be adding new groups in the next several weeks. Check back here for more information.
Gilda’s Club Westchester is offering up to 6 counseling sessions via telephone or videoconference to anyone impacted by cancer. If you are a member who has not received counseling at Gilda’s Club in the past, please email Chris to arrange a session.
Some thoughts and tips on life after cancer

Children, Teens & Families Program

Some Thoughts On Family Self-Isolation

We will be offering a variety of programs via zoom videoconferencing. Please click HERE to view our calendar and sign up on line.

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