Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Gilda’s Club?
The mission of Gilda's Club Westchester is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. We create welcoming communities of free support for everyone living with cancer – men, women, teens, children and families. Our innovative programs are an essential complement to medical care, providing individual counseling, support groups, workshops, education and social activities. Since 2001, Gilda’s Club Westchester has offered support for people whose lives have been touched by cancer… all types of cancer. It’s a warm, inviting place where everyone can come together to share their experiences. Free of charge and non–profit, Gilda’s Club Westchester offers emotional support including group support, and individual/ family counseling, healthy lifestyle workshops and activities, and social events in a nonresidential, yet home–like setting. At Gilda’s Club Westchester, support, information, fellowship, and understanding meet.
2What is Cancer Support Community?
CSC is a global non-profit network of 175 locations, including CSC and Gilda's Club centers, hospital and clinic partnerships, and satellite locations that deliver more than $50 million in free support and navigation services to patients and families. CSC also conducts cutting-edge research on the emotional, psychological, and financial journey of cancer patients and advocate at all levels of government for policies to help individuals whose lives have been disrupted by cancer.
3Who can join Gilda’s Club Westchester?
Anyone touched by any type of cancer, - women, men, children, teens, and their families and friends are welcome at Gilda’s Club Westchester. We also provide support to anyone who has experienced a cancer-related loss. Gilda’s Club Westchester offers information, friendship, support and community in a warm, home-like environment.
4How do I get started at Gilda’s Club Westchester? Do I need a medical referral?
Getting started is easy. Become a member by signing up on our website under and attend a New Member Meeting to learn more about all of our free supportive programs and services. You do not need a medical referral to join or participate. There is no cost to joining or participating.
5Is there a charge for membership to Gilda’s Club Westchester?
No. Everything is absolutely free of charge. Gilda’s Club Westchester relies entirely on donations, fundraising and grants to fund all of our free programs.
6What is a New Member Meeting?
At a New Member Meeting, you will be joined by other new members, to meet one of our Oncology Social Workers. We will share information about what programs and services Gilda's Club Westchester has to offer including the five pillars of our program: group support and counseling services; children, teens, and family’s programs; educational workshops; healthy lifestyle classes; and social activities. We will also share about the Cancer Support Community resources available to you as a member of GCW. At the end of the New Member Meeting, you will be given information on how to sign up for our programs. New Member Meetings are offered weekly, alternating on Tuesdays at 10:00AM & Wednesdays at 6:00PM.
7What is a Support Planning Meeting?
Are you interested in joining one of our support groups or receiving counseling services? This one-on-one Support Planning Meeting with one of our social workers will give you the opportunity to share your cancer experience and help us match you with the services that will best support you. Please note: Support Planning Meetings are for new members who recently attended a New Member Meeting.
8 Is Gilda’s Club Westchester supported by the medical community?
A distinguished medical board of oncologists, family physicians and therapists support Gilda’s Club Westchester. Visit the Medical Resource Council and Program Task Force for more information. Gilda’s Club Westchester is proud to partner with a number of Hospitals and Medical Groups. Please see our clinical partnerships page for more information Clinical and Community Partnerships.
9Is Gilda’s Club just for women with ovarian cancer?
Even though Gilda Radner had ovarian cancer, Gilda’s Club is not just for women with ovarian cancer. It’s for men and women of all ages, as well as for teenagers and children. It’s for all people living with all types of cancer, and for their families and friends or those who have experienced a cancer-related loss.
10What are support groups?
Support groups offer a warm and welcoming space for support and connection throughout your cancer journey. Research suggests that they can even help to reduce the three most significant stressors associated with cancer: unwanted aloneness, loss of control, and loss of hope. GCW offers support groups for individuals living with cancer, those who are post-treatment, caregivers of a loved one with cancer, and bereavement groups for those who have lost a loved one to cancer. Support groups are facilitated by a licensed clinician. Support groups provide a safe space for you to share your feelings openly with others who are going through a similar cancer journey. At GCW, we believe community is stronger than cancer, and being part of a support group gives you a community to belong to. If you are interested in joining a support group, please register for a new member meeting on our calendar. The facilitator will provide information about next steps.
11What is short term counseling?
Short-term counseling consists of up to six sessions of one-on-one or family sessions with a licensed clinician. These 45-minute sessions are a time to make space and to help process your cancer experience in an individualized setting. Counseling is proven to help improve communication and manage emotions more effectively. To get started - If you are a member of GCW, contact Sarah DiGiaimo, Oncology Social Work Manager: If you are not yet a member of GCW, please sign up on our website under and attend a New Member Meeting to learn more.
12How can I support my child/teen ?
First, become a member by signing up on our website under and attend a New Member Meeting to learn more. After attending the new member meeting you can meet with our Children Teens and Families Manager to discuss group options and how a group or short-term counseling can support your child/teen. Consider attending on of the monthly “How to talk to Kids About Cancer” workshop facilitated by our Children Teens and Families Manager. You can sign up on our calendar here You do not need to be a Gilda’s Club Westchester member to join the meeting.
13How do I sign up for healthy lifestyle classes, social and education programs?
Once you have attended a new member meeting, you can begin to sign up for any healthy lifestyle classes and educational programs listed on our calendar. Go to our calendar here You can register for the event right from the calendar. You will receive a confirmation and the link to the zoom meeting.
14What do you do with the information I provide about myself and my situation?
All of the information you provide is confidential and is not shared outside of Gilda’s Club Westchester. We ask for demographic information and information about your cancer and/or loss in order to plan programs that are helpful to members. We also provide statistics to funders so that we can keep all of our programs and services free of charge. These statistics never contain any identifying information.
15How can I volunteer at Gilda’s Club Westchester?
Gilda’s Club depends on volunteers to sustain and support our organization. If you’re interested in volunteering at Gilda’s Club Westchester, please contact us at 914.644.8844 or fill the volunteer application Volunteer Application.
16How is Gilda’s Club Westchester funded?
Private individuals, corporations, and foundations have provided enormous direct and in–kind support for the renovation, mortgage, furnishings, and program costs. To support us, please visit our Donate page All proceeds benefit Gilda’s Club Westchester.
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