Resources for School Professionals

Resources for School Professionals

Educational Programs and Trainings on Topics Related to the Impact of Cancer: All workshops and trainings are free of charge and take place at Gilda’s Club Westchester. To sign up, please call 914.644.8844 or email

Save the Date: The 7th Annual Cancer in the Classroom Symposium will be held Wednesday, December 6th. This all day conference is open to any school professional and free of charge.  The day will focus on supporting children, teens and school communities impacted by cancer. For more information, or to register, please contact Children, Teens and Families Manager, Laura Moore:

Gilda’s CLASS Support Group Handbook: A Facilitator’s Guide: A handbook and training provided to middle and high school professionals so that schools have the necessary tools to implement support for students in their community. Within this guide, school professionals have access to a six-week support group for middle and high school students who have a family member living with cancer, as well as a six-week support group for middle and high school students who have experienced the death of a family member from cancer. Training is required in order to receive the Handbook. For upcoming training dates, please email

Videos: Videos created by teens at Gilda’s Club Westchester sharing their experience with cancer. To access the videos, click here.

Gilda’s CLASS A Resource Guide for School Professionals: This booklet is designed to provide straight-forward, accessible information on how to support children and teens impacted by cancer. It addresses a child’s cognitive understanding of cancer based on his or her age, common behaviors or reactions that school professionals may observe, how to talk to children about cancer, and helpful ways a school can respond when a child is diagnosed with cancer. An extensive list of resources is available to further support the school. To download your own copy of the Resource Guide, please click here.

Online Curriculum for Middle and High School Educators: Interactive lessons for health and science teachers that cover age-appropriate cancer facts and dispel common cancer myths. Training is required to utilize the curriculum. For upcoming training dates, please email

Click here to access the Online Curriculum and other Resources

NOTE: This material is password protected, yet free of charge.







Q: What is the Gilda’s CLASS Curriculum?
A: Gilda’s CLASS is a comprehensive cancer support resource created at Gilda’s Club Westchester by a team of educators, public health professionals, and mental health professionals who specialize in oncology. It contains age-appropriate lessons that help students to learn concrete information about different types of cancer, survival rates, cancer incidence, treatments and side effects, ways to reduce cancer risk, and the role of social and emotional support for any individual impacted by cancer. These lessons have been developed for middle and high school students and are appropriate for health and science classes. Although cancer can be a difficult topic to discuss in the classroom, the Gilda’s CLASS lessons are designed to foster discussion and present the information in a non-threatening and supportive way.

Q: Who is the Curriculum for?
A: The Curriculum is designed for use in middle and high school health or science classes. The lessons were all created to support the New York State Learning Standards for Health Education.

Q: I’m interested in using the Curriculum. How do I begin?
A: It’s a simple process! Click on the samples above to preview some of the materials and then email us at to request a password in order to access the full curriculum. One of the Gilda’s CLASS staff will respond as soon as possible to provide you with the password.