My family member has cancer

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it can take a physical and emotional toll, often leading to feelings that can include stress, fatigue, and even helplessness. Gilda’s Club Westchester offers critical emotional and social support to family members and friends of individuals who are living with cancer.

Skills-Based Training

Adapted from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a formal treatment modality, this six-week skills-based workshop series is geared toward family members of individuals who are living with cancer. This series teaches caregivers how to manage the feelings of stress and helplessness that can occur when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer by using mindfulness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills.

Short-Term Counseling

Gilda’s Club Westchester is now offering short-term individual and family counseling to those with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer impacts many aspects of one’s life. Short-term counseling provides individuals and families with cancer the opportunity to discuss their current areas of concern in relation to their cancer diagnosis with a licensed mental health clinician.

Support Groups

Facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, support groups provide ongoing emotional support for those impacted by cancer. Advanced registration is required for all support groups. For more information, please call 914.644.8844.

  • Family Group – A weekly ongoing support group for family members and friends of people living with cancer.

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Spirituality Discussion Group

Spirituality can be defined as that which gives meaning, connection and purpose in life. Both religion and spirituality are related to a search for the sacred / awesome / meaningful For some, spirituality is found within religion, and for others it is not. This 6 week series offers the opportunity to explore the potential role of spirituality and how it can bring meaning, comfort and connection.

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops and Activities

Educational lectures and healthy lifestyle workshops offer a chance to acquire skills, tools, information, and techniques for individuals living with cancer and their family and friends. The larger purpose of this is to regain control and well-being. All lectures take place at the Clubhouse and offer individuals the opportunity to build emotional and social bonds together. The Clubhouse is equipped with a spacious and light-filled exercise studio for physical activity classes (such as yoga and Pilates), an art studio for expressive arts classes, and a full kitchen for workshops on nutrition and healthy cooking.
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Social Events

Social events are among the most popular activities at Gilda’s Club. During social activities individuals have the opportunity to gather with people who are going through similar situations, to let loose and have fun!
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For more information on the programs we offer for family members and friends of individuals living with cancer, or to sign up for a support group or activity, please call 914.644.8844.